The newest Version is V. 0.19 Beta.

Last Changes (V. 0.19 Beta):

-added brazilian portuguese and french

-optic improvements

-small fixes

previous Changes:

-improved Indonesia language
-Bug Fixes/more precise Calculations
-added Scrollbar for smaller screens
-added every loco, wagon and set -> easy to select

-Mat. und Pass. Wagon can‘t combine anymore

-added indonesian and polish language

-added 4 further wagons slots (8 in total)

  1. -added 20 minutes Routes

  2. -Bug Fixes/more precise Calculations

  3. -added Screenshot function

  4. -default values=0, Terminal checked by default

  5. -Mat. und Pass. Wagon can‘t combine anymore

  1. -added spanish and dutch language

  2. -Removed Java Web Start (Reinstall is needed)

- added material consumption

- added 6 minutes Routes

- added 4th wagon slot

- added 10 and 18 hours Routes

  1. -new Layout

  1. -added slot for passenger and mail consumption

- dual wagons can be calculated now

- the versions number appears now in the App

- the language german has been added

- some minor Bugfixes

Calculate the income of every train in only a few clicks. There is a database with each available train in TrainStation for an easier calculation. It‘s available for Windows, Linux and Mac. Visit the Facebookpage for more Information.

Languages: english, german, dutch, spanish, danish, polish, indonesia, brazilian portuguese and french

Requirements: Java 6 / 1.6

This is not an offical site of Pixelfederation or TrainStation. This side is from fan to fan.

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